Which Character from the Middle are you

This quiz is to see which character from the middle you are this is my first quiz so I hope that you enjoy it Also these results may not be accurate it's just for fun:) :) !!!!!!!!!!!

I have to fill this out and it has to be at least 150 characters sooooooooooo blalhbllha vb uoyrg vyovgvgrbovfub oyhfdbvhfdbv hfdbv hfbvhfvhbbfhb hgbh

Created by: mwuahahaha

  1. What would you rather do in your free time
  2. Your mom asks you to clean the house whats you response
  3. Its the night of the dance...Are you going?
  4. You are at the beach what are you doing
  5. you going on a trip tomorrow are you packed already?
  6. do you have a lot of friends
  7. HAve you ever seen the middle
  8. did you enjoy the quiz?
  9. are wondering why i'm asking random questions
  10. well its because i have to have at least 10 questions

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Quiz topic: Which Character from the Middle am I