Which Buffy character are you most like?

My favourite television show is 'Buffy' the vampire slayer' and I always wondered who I would be most like- the brain or the popular one? The jokester or the band-mate?

Well, this QUIZ is your chance to figure out who you would be most like,take a guess now and see if you're right (I know I wasn't but maybe you will be)!

Created by: eliza of buffyblog.yolasite
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You're going out with friends, what would be your choice?
  2. Who would you most likely fall in love with?
  3. What is one word that would describe you?
  4. What is your dream hair colour?
  5. Do you like to celebrate hanukkah or christmas?
  6. How do you celebrate hanukkah/christmas?
  7. Single untill you are---
  8. Your fave outfit is:
  9. A cute 20$ swim-suit or an ugly (but designer) 150$ swim-suit?
  10. You are known as the ________ person at your school.

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Quiz topic: Which Buffy character am I most like?