Which Buffy or Angel Character are You?

There are many smart people in the world! Are You one? Some are geniuses, some aren't! Some are Extraordinary, The most smartest people in the World!!!

Are You a Butt - kicking, Sexy looking Slayerific Buffy Fan? Try this Quiz to find out all the information you need to Answer that Question! Good Luck!!!

Created by: Jake

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  1. Who is Buffy Summers?
  2. Who's family has Drunken Fights on Christmas?
  3. Who is interested in Willow in the episode "Orpheus"?
  4. Where does Buffy work in season 6?
  5. Who made Cordelia dies in a coma?
  6. Who says "The girl needs a bit of Monster in him"?
  7. Who does Adam kill in "The I in team"?
  8. How does Willow Become Evil in season 6?
  9. Who does Willow Flay Alive?
  10. When Fred dies who takes over her body?

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Quiz topic: Which Buffy or Angel Character am I?