Which browser are you

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Please sit back and enjoy ;) dkdkdidide9393i32k3939339i3i939393i3i39e9e9ided9e9eiee9e9ee9ee9ie9e9ei3933e9deiew9w9wo39333939ieie9e9ided9e9eii3i3ii39933

Created by: The Tech King
  1. What speed are you?
  2. When did you begin?
  3. Which company were you made by?
  4. Which layout engine do you use?
  5. What is your most recent according to October 10 2018 notable version?
  6. How many people use you?
  7. Which countries are you most used in?
  8. Are you popular as mobile?
  9. Are you text based?
  10. Which computer are you default on?

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