Which Brit-Rock Guitarist Are You?

Do You Copy?Create? Write? Cry? Wail? Or do you not care? Find Out which Brit-Rock Guitarist YOU are!!!! And gloat down the pub ... You know you will

Guitars, Genius, Politics, voice, Temper ... Al ngredients in the big maelting pot we call ... British Music. But What one are YOU? are you the god, the soldier, the new one? or the one no-one cares about?

Created by: JamieGartley

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What Guitar Do You Use?
  2. Favoutite Song?
  3. How Many Bands Have You Had? (Soloist Counts)
  4. Favoutite Place In Britain
  5. How Usefull Are Effects?
  6. Are You a Showman?
  7. Do You Enjoy Collaberating With Other Artists?
  8. Do You Take Guitar Solo's Often?
  9. Dou You Write Your Own Songs?
  10. Acoustic or Electric
  11. Do You Get Involved In Current Events?

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Quiz topic: Which Brit-Rock Guitarist am I?