Which Brighton Street flatmate are you???

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Always wondered which Brighton Street flatmate you are?Find out if you're a brunette Geordie or a blonde American-English hybrid with this fool-proof quiz.

This quiz will take an in-depth look into your life and soul to give you an answer. Make sure you answer carefully, this result is more important than your degree.

Created by: Issi ladd

  1. You've just woken up, what time is it?
  2. Its time for lunch, what are you having?
  3. Your tutorial is cancelled, what are you doing instead?
  4. You finally leave the flat, what are you wearing?
  5. You're walking down the street towards Potterrow, where are you heading?
  6. Time for dinner, what are you making?
  7. You've finished your dinner? What do you do with your dishes?
  8. You're getting ready, what's playing on the pink wireless speaker?
  9. What are your plans tonight?
  10. What are you not leaving the house without?
  11. What is your 'Type'?
  12. When it comes to your love life, what is your approach?
  13. When is the last time cried?
  14. Who is on the guest list for your dinner party?
  15. You got your £250 from the Student Opportunity Fund, what are you doing with it?

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Quiz topic: Which Brighton Street flatmate am I???