Which Breyer Horse Are You

the reason i ceated this quiz is because i love breyer horses and it would be nice to see a few breyer youtubers do it and to see how many people do my quiz as i worked on my quiz for around 2-3 hours

no hate or bullying aloud through this quiz as it was made with love and care and was made for people to enjoy and like all around the world hope you enjo my quiz regards Helen x

Created by: Helen

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what is your fav breed of horse
  2. do you have a horse/pony
  3. why do you LOVE horses
  4. what is your dream horse
  5. how many breyers do you have
  6. how long have you been colecting breyer horses for
  7. how many congas do you have
  8. what was your first breyer
  9. what scale do you collect
  10. where do you keep your breyers
  11. have you been to breyerfest
  12. what is your fav breyer series
  13. who is your fav breyer youtuber

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Quiz topic: Which Breyer Horse am I