Which Breed of Dog are You?

There are many types of dogs and many types of personalities!What about your personality?Why not match to a dog?In this quiz you are about to take, four out of who knows what million dogs will be matched up to your personality.

Now don't fret about whatever dog you get, because you can always try again.Whether you're a beagle or a poodle, the quiz will sum it all up in just a matter of minutes!So good luck and have fun!

Created by: Cheetah Girl 101
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  1. There is a new kid in class who is super shy and doesn't talk to anyone.You:
  2. You are locked a dungeon with only a club, a spear, and an ax.Which of these is useful to breaking down the door?
  3. Toucan or parrot?
  4. Black or White?
  5. Day or night?
  6. Ice cream or root beer?
  7. Pizza or popcorn?
  8. Your mom declares it is time to play, but you don't want to.You:
  9. Phone or computer?
  10. Run or jump?

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Quiz topic: Which Breed of Dog am I?