Which Book Suits Your Personality

Do you like books? Do you want to know which book suits your personality? Well then this quiz is for you!

I hope you do my quiz and enjoy it! Thank you!

Created by: Chips

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  1. Which word would your peers describe you as?
  2. Which word least describes you?
  3. Someone is trying to kidnap you. What do you do in order to get the kidnapper away?
  4. Which option would anger you the most if someone said it to you?
  5. Which don't you know how to do?
  6. Which scares you the most?
  7. Which thing are you most likely to possess?
  8. Which would you not possess?
  9. Did you like this quiz?
  10. Should I make more quizzes?

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Quiz topic: Which Book Suits my Personality