Which Bodhisattva Are You?

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A bodhisattva is any person who is a spiritual being. Bodhisattvas are sometimes termed the gods of Buddhism, but we all exhibit bodhisattva traits. There are some Bodhisattvas that have risen to the top, known among many Buddhist sects. You could consider them divine beings, or you could consider them archetypal reflections of our spiritual natures. One bodhisattva I know has called them "enlightened codependents."

Which bodhisattva are you, then? Take this quiz and find out, but bear in mind your no-self self changes continually, so the bodhisattva you are now may not be the same one you are next year. I designed this quiz with knowledge from Taigen Dan Leighton's book on the Bodhisattva Archetypes, as well as other knowledge gleaned over the years, and my gut feelings about the archetypes.

Created by: Heidi of Adventures in Multiplicity
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  1. You do good deeds for others by:
  2. You uncover your greatest insight when you do:
  3. A friend guesses a secret gift is from you because it:
  4. Friends will most likely describe you as:
  5. Your motto is:
  6. Your superpower is:
  7. You'd rather just:
  8. They know it's you when they see your:
  9. You are really good at:
  10. If you have a flaw, it is:

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Quiz topic: Which Bodhisattva am I?