Do you know what the Buddha taught?

Buddhism is about Buddhism just like Christianity is about Christ. I see a pattern here. Did light really shine out of Shakyamuni's forehead. Maybe. Take the quiz.

Are you the best? Well this quiz will determine if you know something about Buddhism or not. Please take this quiz to see how much you know. Thanks. Thanks again.

Created by: Serge

  1. Will there be more than one Buddha?
  2. What is the name of the next Buddha?
  3. What is the path that leads from suffering?
  4. Which is NOT part of the Noble Eightfold path?
  5. Which is NOT one of the Five Aggregates?
  6. Which is NOT one of the Five Moral Precepts?
  7. Which is not a realm of rebirth and existence
  8. What is the cycle of rebirth in Buddhism?
  9. What does Nirvana mean?
  10. Do people have souls?
  11. Do people have a self?
  12. What does Dukkha mean?

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Quiz topic: Do I know what the Buddha taught?