Which Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream are You???

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Ben and Jerrys are a Worldwide Famous Ice Cream company that make Millions through the people purchasing and Craving there amazing and exclusive flavours. It's True not one person can resist a Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream!!! ;)

So you wanna know which Flavour you are?!! Take this quiz and Discover with some simple question which flavour you are. Feel free to take the quiz even if you've never had Ben and Jerry's before

Created by: sammierox1997

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which Animal is your Favourite??
  2. Are you Intrested in Pre Historic Times??
  3. Do you care about the Enviroment???
  4. Do you Like Trains???
  5. Do you like Cookies???
  6. Do you like Primates????
  7. Do you like Fishies?!
  8. Which Flavour sounds best????
  9. Do you like Walnuts??
  10. Pick A random Word

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Quiz topic: Which Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream am I???