Which Beatle song are you???

This is my first quiz EVER!!!!!!!!!!! So please take lol. Its about the beatles the famous band from the 60's. You can find out what song bests fits you.

Have you ever heard of the Beatles????? They were from brittain and moved to America and had many hits. But I only menchained 4: All you need is luv, Yellow Submarine, Hey Bulldog, and Money can't buy me love.

Created by: Alyssa

  1. ON a Friday or Saturday night you are most likely...
  2. What do you do when one of your friends are in trouble
  3. When one of your friends calls you up and said that there car broke down you...
  4. Have you ever listened to the beatles before
  5. did ya like this quiz
  6. okay seriously this was my first quiz so sorry if its not perfect
  7. IN your free time you...
  8. LAst question

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Quiz topic: Which Beatle song am I???