Which baseball team is for you

I just want to know if you like sports. I want to know what team you like,if you like sports. This was to figure that out! I hope it helped a lot!!!!!

Do you like sports like baseball? Do you have the ability to watch sports or not? You can only figure it out now. Only if this didn't help. If it did help you dont have to worry

Created by: Kirby
  1. What color is your baseball jersey or shirt
  2. Do you have an all star player on your team
  3. Do you like baseball
  4. What's your favorite number
  5. Does your team win a lot
  6. Does your manager get fired a lot
  7. Do you even have a fav team
  8. Have you gone to a baseball game before
  9. Do you live across the country
  10. Does your team have a lot of fans

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