Which Barrow's Brother Are You?

Barrows brothers were powerful, ancient warriors of Saradomin who fought in the God Wars of the 3rd Age. Their powers were granted to them by a Zarosian Mahjarrat suspected, but not confirmed, to be Sliske. As the brothers and their accompanying army progressed further into enemy territory in Morytania, the stranger continued to follow them until the brothers became weaker after establishing a strong reputation as nearly invincible warriors for the course of the war.

Finally, the brothers were grievously wounded in battle and died of their infectious wounds simultaneously in the army's camp. The army spent several days and nights holding off the enemy army to construct burial mounds, the Barrows, to honour the fallen brothers.

Created by: Ahrim the Blighted

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  1. What attack style do you use?
  2. In the combat triangle, Magic beats Melee, Melee beats Ranged, and Ranged beats Magic. How much does this affect who you fight?
  3. You're in a PvP world, and a mage is attacking you. Using your real-life skills, what would you do?
  4. Intelligence quiz: How many HP does a tuna heal?
  5. If a lesser demon kills you, and you have 17 tuna, how many tuna do you have?
  6. Where is Ahrim's grave?
  7. An Abyssal Whip costs...
  8. Who is Bob?
  9. Pop Quiz Time! Which brother is in the middle of the graves?
  10. Favorite Brother?

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Quiz topic: Which Barrow's Brother am I?