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  • Your Result: You are Sokka.

    Skeptical, abrasive, and sharp-witted, you prefer the ways of the warrior and scientist. You are very intelligent and come up with ideas right away when no one else can - even if they are not very good ones. Moreover, you prefer to solve problems by using strength and your wits. Sometimes your pride leads to embarrassment. However, despite your cleverness, you can sometimes act childish. Your sarcastic and absurd behavior can sometimes carry into important decisions.

    You are Toph.
    You are Aang.
    You are Katara.
    You are Zuko.
    You are Azula.

    Puppy xo1
  • Your Result: You are Aang.

    You are a person who has deep respect for life and freedom and are a comfort in most dangerous and hostile situations. You also wish to be around new people and love visiting new places. In addition, you are somewhat naive and very adventurous, and you take pride in yourself for the social complex of friends you've developed.

  • oh ya! go earth!


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