which avatar are you?

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many people like avatar the last airbender. like me you want to know who you are if you lived in the world of avatar. so take the quiz to find out who you are . are you toph katara zuko or aang

do you want to know what avatar character you are take the quiz to find out !!!!!!! please take the quiz this test was done by zutarain02 probably her first and last quiz

Created by: zutarain02

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what is your favorite color out of the following
  2. what would your friends describe you
  3. how do you act
  4. in battle what do you do
  5. how do you get ready in the morning
  6. in school what do you teachers do to you
  7. whats your favorite activity
  8. favorite element
  9. favorite tipe of speech
  10. who do you want to be related to

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Quiz topic: Which avatar am I?