which autobots became dads for the first time?

This quiz is tought but the people whi take this quiz isn't tough enough to take it and find their answer from this here quiz of mine. Are you a genius?

What is brainpower? Do U have it at all, my friend? In a few minutes, you will find out which autobot warrior or leader you really are!

Created by: HorseQueen085

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  1. who helped Optimus escape from the Army?
  2. Who shot Optimus 8 times in his right foot?
  3. Which ranch nearly did killed Mel with a John Deere Tractor?
  4. How many horses saved Mel and Optimus from wolves?
  5. What form did Mel transformed into to escape the hunters?
  6. which rider tried to stop the hunters?
  7. Which atv did Mel brought at the atv show?
  8. Who saved Mel from the hunters?
  9. what stopped Mel at the atv show?
  10. Who did Mel enter in the truck show?

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