Which Aphmau character is your BFF?

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This quiz will tell you who your best friend from the Aphmau SMP would be. The results in this quiz are: Aphmau, KC, Zane, Ein, Pierce, Noi, Kim and Aaron.

I hope you get what you wish for and this is my first quiz so I'm sorry if it is not the best Aphmau quiz, but I am sure you will enjoy it. I hope you appreciate this quiz and anyone that you may share it to. Have fun.

Created by: Someone_1234
  1. Are you ready for this quiz?(This does not affect your score)
  2. What is your favourite colour?
  3. What would be your go-to snack?
  4. Ein blew up your house, what do you say to him?
  5. Who do you hope you get?(This does not effect your score)
  6. If your Bff got into a fight, what would you do?
  7. What would be your hobby?
  8. What would be your favourite animal?
  9. Do you like getting revenge?
  10. Did you enjoy this quiz?(This does not effect your score)

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Quiz topic: Which Aphmau character is my BFF?