What is your Aphmau character

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Want to know who you are in the Aphmau server? Then you better take this quiz! When you find out you might be surprised to see who you are and why you are that person!!

When you find out you might want to hide in a closet! That is how surprising this quiz is. FYI this might not REALLY accurate but I tried and I’m pretty sure that is what counts!

Created by: Aphofthemau
  1. What does Ein like
  2. What does Aph like (Aphmau)
  3. What type of sword does Zane have
  4. What dose KC make (Kawaii-Chan)
  5. What dose Noi like
  6. What does Kim like to do
  7. What does Pierce like to eat
  8. What does Mac like to eat
  9. What do Ein and Pierce like to do
  10. Who plays aphmau
  11. Who does Aphmau have a crush on

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Quiz topic: What is my Aphmau character