Which animal should you have?

Most of us love animals. I know i do. but did you know that, every day millions of cats and dogs are abused by stupid people? This quiz will tell you which animal is the best for you.

If you know you don't want to take care of an animal, please do NOT take these results seriously. this quiz does not take no for an answer. no matter what, your results will always tell you that you should get this animal. Please, rid the world of animal abusers.

Created by: kenners
  1. Personality?
  2. Which name do you prefer the most?
  3. which breed do you like the best?
  4. Are you bored with this quiz? (does not affect results)
  5. Where would you go to get your pet?
  6. only four questions left (doesnt effect score)
  7. why do you want a pet?
  8. Have you ever had any of the following...
  9. Are you the only one im your family that wants a pet
  10. Why do you want a pet to take care of?

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Quiz topic: Which animal should I have?