Which animal are you?

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Do you want to know what animal you are? Do you want to know if you are the top of the animal kingdom? If so this is the quoz for you answer my 12 questions to find out...

Many people wish to know which animal they are. Some wish to be a strong courageous tiger whereas others a mouse that nibbles cheese a lot. In this quiz I have tried to add the most popular animals. Hope you get what you want.

Created by: Alice
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you prefer meat or vegetables
  2. Do you like climbing
  3. Are you curious
  4. Are you brave
  5. Are you clever
  6. Are you shy
  7. Do you like the cold
  8. Do you like water
  9. What’s your favourite colour
  10. What is your favourite season

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Quiz topic: Which animal am I?