Which Animal Are you?

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You ready to find out which Animal you are? Well, start the quiz and you'll find out! So, you could possibly be a veriaty of different animals! So, if you don't find what your looking for here, find it somewhere else!

This quiz is simple! Just answer all the questions, and that's it! And, without any furhter ado, let's get you started with this quiz!( Just remember no copying of any kind and only make quizes that are clean!) Enjoy!

Created by: Hailey Gifford

  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. If you got in a fight with someone, how would you deal with it?
  3. What do you usually do on your time off?
  4. Are you a night owl or an early bird?
  5. How would your friend describe you?
  6. Where would you wrather live?
  7. Are you usually hot or cold?
  8. Are you a rulebreaker?
  9. Are you a socialble person?
  10. Lastly, how was this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which Animal am I?