What Animal Are You Most Like

Animals have great qualities do think you have an animal quality?or are you just chicken,get it. until now you could only guess. in only a few minutes you can answer our questions and then we will answer yours!

you might think you are a loyal puppy or happy kangaroo,but we know your true animal quality. you may even find advice on friends. just take the quiz, the quiz is worth it!

Created by: Cassidie

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. when somebody is mean to you, you do:
  2. If you asked your friend(s) to say one bad thing about you it would be
  3. If a friend said something good about you it would be:
  4. What shape are you
  5. What color is your favorite
  6. What is your favorite music style
  7. what is your favorite candy? mmm! yes, candy for an animal quiz.
  8. If your parent, friends,etc asked you to try a new food would you?
  9. what is your favorite time of day
  10. Which is the best season

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Quiz topic: What Animal am I Most Like