What Animal are you most like?

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There are many people who love certain animals, and think they are just like them. But, what animal are you truly inside of you? Read the next paragraph for more!

You could be a dog, a cat, bird, a mouse, and maybe even a wild animal! Who knows what you are like inside? Well, this quiz does apparently. IT'S STALKING YOU!!!! No, it's not.

Created by: Skywhisker
  1. Do you like to read?
  2. Do you climb trees?
  3. Do you like waffles?
  4. Do you know what I am saying: Bark, bark, meow mew tweet woof squeak.
  5. What first comes into your head when I say this: Meep meep
  6. One word: prey
  7. What do you like best?
  8. Do you eat meat?
  9. What animal do you think you will be?
  10. Describe your personality

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Quiz topic: What Animal am I most like?