Which Animal Are You?

There are many animals similar to you and you probably wonder what type of animal you'd get. Well, I've picked 5 different animals that might describe you. I'm not a witch so if you don't like your answer then sorry!

Anyways, I made this quiz because I was bored and couldn't think about anything else, so I decided on making this quiz out of pure randomness. If you like your results, please rate and leave a comment! Thanks for... taking my quiz? I don't know.

Created by: AngelWings32

  1. When you see a homeless sitting on the street asking for anything, and you have food and money with you, what do you do?
  2. Your friends ask if you want to go watch a movie at the theaters with them, your response is:
  3. Your mom/dad needs help carrying some stuff, you:
  4. Favorite color:
  5. What do you like to do on your free-time?
  6. A Valentine's dance is coming-up, you:
  7. It's your friends birthday! You surprise them by:
  8. Your friend fell and got hurt badly, you:
  9. You lost something very important to you, how do you react?
  10. You later find your thing, your reaction:

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Quiz topic: Which Animal am I?