which angry bird are you?

are you a big angry birds fan? do you want to learn more about angry birds and your self? then take my awesome angry birds quiz!

its fun, safe and you'll get good at throwing birds! you'll get to find out who you are in the angry birds world. so if you ever some extra angry birds imformation you'll find it right here!

Created by: laura
  1. whats your favorite color?
  2. if you saw someone eating your favorite food what would you do?
  3. have you ever tried to break ice? if you have, did you succeed?
  4. have you ever triedto brake wood? if you have,did you succeed?
  5. have you ever tried to break rock? if have did you succeed?
  6. if you found something and you didn't know what it was what would you do?
  7. how tall are you?
  8. whats your favorite number?
  9. are you a fast runner?
  10. have you seen a real explosion?
  11. have you ever thrown a boomerang?

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Quiz topic: Which angry bird am I?