What do you know about angry birds

If you did the test thanks!I mean i thought it would be a good idea i hope you liked it. Make sure to tell everybody you know to take the quiz! I would like it

Do you know a lot about angry birds. Take my test to find out and if you did i hope you did well if you didn't take the quiz yet you really should you'd do good i'm sure

Created by: Emily and Thomas
  1. How Many birds are there
  2. How Many Times Does The Blue Bird Multiply
  3. Does the yellow bird multiply
  4. What does the white bird do when you tap it
  5. What does the green bird do when you tap it
  6. What does the red bird do when you tap it
  7. Is there a purple bird
  8. What does the purple bird do when you tap it
  9. What company created angry birds
  10. Why are angry birds angry

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Quiz topic: What do I know about angry birds