Which ''American Dad'' Character are you?

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There are many smart people, but few true geniuses. If you are a genius, you would pass this American Dad Quiz and you would know not to fail this quiz

Are You a genius!!! If you are, take time to complete this test on the TV Show American Dad which first aired in 1995. We want people to pass this test before watch more of American Dad

Created by: Dwayne

  1. Which Character Works at the CIA?
  2. Have Jeff live with the Smiths?
  3. Did Hayley and Jeff tried to get Marry?
  4. Who saved Stan from Area 51?
  5. Which group did Francine joined in Not Particularly Desperate Housewife?
  6. What episode is when the smiths is moved to Saudi Arabia?
  7. What episode was the first appearance of Stan's Real Father Jack?
  8. Did Stan's Fad left him when he was little?
  9. What Color is Stan's SUV?
  10. True or False, Francine Real Parents Left her at the Airport so that they can be in first class when she was a baby?

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Quiz topic: Which ''American Dad'' Character am I?