Which "All Quiet on the Western Front" character are you?

Find out which character you are from "All Quiet on the Western Front." This quiz includes a few of the main characters from the novel that you get to learn more about.

What did you think of your result? Are you surprised? Upset? Happy? Did you get the character you thought you would get? Which character were you hoping to get?

Created by: Runnels

  1. Why did you join the war?
  2. What is a strange talent you have?
  3. What is your temperament like?
  4. How do you respond when a friend dies in front of you?
  5. How do you react in the face of danger?
  6. Who is your favorite character so far in the novel?
  7. If you weren't fighting in the war, what would you be doing?
  8. What is your opinion about the war?
  9. How do you treat your friends?
  10. Who is your least favorite character in the novel?

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Quiz topic: Which "All Quiet on the Western Front" character am I?