Which air zodiac sign are you?

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The three air signs are libra, aquarius, and gemni. do not take this quiz if you are not one of those signs... well you can.. if you want, it wouldnt be accurate though.

Which sign are you?the social Libra, the bubbly Aquarius, or the spontanious gemini! take this quiz and find out iff its accurate lol.

Created by: 1985rockengirl

  1. Are you easily perswayed?
  2. Are you easy-going?
  3. Are you adaptable to change?(positive or negative)
  4. do you tend to be the first one to think of things?
  5. do you get bored easily?
  6. which do you hate the most?being...
  7. which do you hate the most?
  8. which do you hate being accused of the most?
  9. pick one.
  10. Which sign really are you?(does not count)

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Quiz topic: Which air zodiac sign am I?