Which Agent are you in Odd Squad?

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This is my first quiz so if its a bit cheesy don't judge. I really like Odd Squad and some of the characters you could possibly get are from season 2. I have done my best :)

Hope you enjoy my quiz. These are the possible outcomes Olympia, Otis , Oona, Ms. O, Ocean, Orchid, Olive and Otto. As i said before some of these character are from season 2. Enjoy this quiz

Created by: CutePandaGirl123
  1. What's your favorite food ??
  2. What's your favorite animal??
  3. How do you greet people/ fellow agents?
  4. Do you like dancing ??
  5. How old are you??
  6. Whats your favorite gadget??
  7. What are you most good at?
  8. What is most important to you??
  9. What are you most known to say?
  10. Final Question??? Are you male or female ??

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Quiz topic: Which Agent am I in Odd Squad?