Which a-ha band member are you most like?

Perhaps you match up with the hard-working Pal. Maybe you are best aligned with the endlessly creative Magne. Perhaps you are most like the enigmatic Morten!

Take this quiz to find out which band member you truly are. Whether you be a longtime a-ha fan or a stranger who stumbled upon this page, I hope you enjoy taking this quiz.

Created by: Guest
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How would you describe your personality?
  2. What would most describe your eye shape?
  3. How do you act at parties?
  4. Which hair best matches yours?
  5. What is your style when working with others?
  6. Which of the following would you want to study?
  7. Are you good at public speaking?
  8. How would you describe your style?
  9. How often do you post on social media?
  10. Which best describes how you type?
  11. What is your favorite color out of these three?

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Quiz topic: Which a-ha band member am I most like?