where would you be born as a creature.

this is a quiz if of something far more superier to you. and the results are just messing around, down take it personal if your lost in the lazy- do nothing- world of earth. if you get something better than earth, ROCK ON!!!!

see where you would be born....or just take the freakin quiz and answer with no exception. answer without lying, i dont check htese dumb things, get rated and tell your friends....who cares.

Created by: Seth harris

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. favorite mythical species [out of the above]
  2. what would you add to your body?
  3. could you live without-
  4. favorite color [closest to whatever it is]
  5. favorite season
  6. why
  7. why do you like what you like what you dont like that you shouldnt like because you dont like it but you like but you do and you dont.
  8. i run away and you still stay so wtf is with you!
  9. who sings these lyrics?" in the feilds where nothing grows but weeds, I found a flower beneath my feet, I grabed the stem in my hand, I pulled until the roots gave in!
  10. did you get the last question wrong? you probally did. if you dont listen to rise against.

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