What creature are you?

Ever wondered what sort of beast or monster you would be if you ever were one? For example have you ever dreamt of being a vampire or a werewolf or another evil creature? This is a simple test to answer your question!

Are you a bloodsucking immortal? are you a mangy vicious dog? Are you a creature from hell? Do you enjoy death? Take the quiz to find out what wonderful evil creature you truely are!

Created by: Jenny

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  1. You come across a helpless mortal in the middle of the night, what are your first thoughts?
  2. You come across a human that has been shot what do you do?
  3. Do you enjoy the full moon?
  4. Do you like blood?
  5. Do you enjoy the dark?
  6. Do you like to wonder through graveyards?
  7. Do you beleive in god?
  8. Were you mortal once?
  9. Heaven or hell?
  10. Opinions on death?

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Quiz topic: What creature am I?