where will u live when u grow up

You might think you know where you want to live when you grow up (or just where you want to live) but find out for sure. Will you live in the southeast west northeast or another region.

This quiz should give you good results. It isn't just random questions that don't give you any results. So what will it be? Go ahead and find out. (By the way, this quiz only includes regions in the U.S.A.)

Created by: jacob
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. where do u live now?
  2. where do u want/went 2 go 2 college
  3. do u like hot or cold weather?
  4. where would u rather go on vacation?
  5. can u ride a horse?
  6. where do u want 2 live when u r an adult?
  7. what would u like 2 have MOST?
  8. which of the following is right
  9. did u like this quiz
  10. r u ready 2 find out where u will live

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