Where do you stand in American politics

This is a test to see where you stand in American politics so this won't work for non Americans. You need to have what he'd the news from 2016 to 2018 to understand the questions. This will also guess who you will vote for

Please don't hate me for ''this test I tried to make it as acurate as possible I had know political bias when making this test. Since neo nazis and reactaries are so similar I grouped them to get her I'd did the same with democartic socilalsts and and neo marxists.

Created by: Phil swift

  1. should we tax the rich harder to get money for welfare programs
  2. Do you want to build a wall to keep out immigrants
  3. Has feminism and black lives mater gone to far
  4. What is your take on captilism
  5. What is your views on race
  6. How do we stop Gobal warming
  7. Why are minorties poor
  8. Has the war against terror gone to far
  9. Is Islam a evil religion
  10. are you a republican or a democart
  11. Who did you want for presdient
  12. Which one of these conciparcy theories sound some what legit

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Quiz topic: Where do I stand in American politics