Where Do You Place On The Dance Moms Pyramid?

This quiz is all about Lifetime's hit TV show, Dance Moms. It features a dance studio instructed by the prestigious Abby Lee Miller. It first aired on July 13, 2011. Why is Dance Moms popular? People have been watching it since the night it first aired, and they love the drama.

Where do YOU place on Abby Lee Miller's pyramid? Are you on probation, the bottom row, the middle row, or the top? Probation means that you are in danger of being suspended, the bottom row means that Abby needs more from you, the middle row means you did good and not great, and the top means you worked really hard.

Created by: dance moms addict
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  1. Which Dance Moms girls have braces?
  2. Why did Kendall leave ALDC in Season 2?
  3. Who is on top of the pyramid more often?
  4. What type of dance is Maddie usually doing?
  5. The group number Electricity placed in the overall rankings.
  6. What is the usual pyramid?
  7. When was Nia's Death Drop used?
  8. How old is Mackenzie?
  9. Paige has never broken her foot.
  10. What grade is Brooke in?

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Quiz topic: Where do I Place On The Dance Moms Pyramid?