How well do you know "Dance Moms"?

This quiz is about dance moms. It is to see how well you know Abby Lee, the dancers, and the moms as well. Let's see if you know your dance moms! Come take our quiz!

Are YOU a dance moms fan? Come see if you know YOUR dance moms facts and see how well you do! Thanks to this great quiz, you'll find out in just minutes!

Created by: Abby
  1. What is Paige's last name?
  2. What food does Chloe dislike?
  3. What was the solo called in which Maddie did for her grandmother?
  4. Which girls were BOTH "red queens" in a solo, in the same episode?
  5. Which girls were in the trio "Girls In The House"?
  6. What place did "Hurt Them First" get?
  7. In which solo did Paige get first?
  8. Which girl said, "I don't wanna be on Broadway. I just wanna stay home.... And eat chips"?
  9. Which mother missed a competition to go see their boyfriend?
  10. Which mother missed a competition to go see their boyfriend?
  11. What was the first group dance ever on the show?
  12. Who was on top of the pyramid the most on the whole show?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know "Dance Moms"?