How much do you know Dance Moms

In this quiz you will have to know a lot about Dance Moms... or else... you may not get a good score and that will break my heart! So please know a lot of things about Dance Moms because your great knowledge should be shown to the word!

Now, are you a true genius about Dance Moms? This quiz will answer your questions! Just sit back and relax because this quiz you're gonna take will give you all the answers!

Created by: Toni
  1. When was Chloe born?
  2. Who chokes themself in "Where have all the children gone?"?
  3. Has Maddie ever been on the bottom of the Pyrimid?
  4. What is Nia's favorite dance move?
  5. What is Abby Lee Miller's dogs name?
  6. Did Abby choragraph a number based on The Hunger Games?
  7. By how many points did Candy Apples beat ALDC?
  8. What color is Jill's hair in season 2 episode 20?
  9. How many brothers does Paige have?
  10. What does Chloe want to be when she grows up?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know Dance Moms