Where are you on the Boredom-Meter?

Are you bored? If you are come take this quiz! And see where you are on the "Boredom-Meter"! I have made this quiz very accurate! So no worries! It's child friendly, just fyi. It's also very quick and easy!

So where is your "Boredom-Meter" calculated to? Will you get super bored? Will you get in between? Will you get not bored at all? Will I keep asking annoying questions? I will if it annoys you!

Created by: Say wha

  1. Are you currently eating?
  2. Are you sitting down?
  3. When you're pooping do you.....
  4. When taking a test you...
  5. What time of day do you eat most amounts of food?
  6. The last questions last answer was supposed to be Midnight snack.
  7. What is your favorite food catagorie?
  8. Why do people steal?
  9. Are you aware that our economy is growing weaker by the second?
  10. What time do you usually wake up?
  11. What do you think you'll score?

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Quiz topic: Where am I on the Boredom-Meter?