Everyone is two dog breeds. Find Out Yours Here.

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This is a continuation of my Boredom Buster quizzes for my little nephew. He lives in CA and is dying from boredom. I hope this was interesting and fun. If not, please say so in comments.

I believe that everyone should get a crossbred or rescue (not that i'm against good breeders) so i thought, what if Pitbull+Huskey=Pitsky? So then this quiz was born! Have fun!!

Created by: Fun_ston

  1. You ate tons of cupcakes for your birthday. What flavor were they?
  2. If you could ask one friend what kind of hairstyle you should wear to school tomorrow, what would they recommend? (girls)
  3. What sport would you choose to do as a pup?
  4. What instrument do you play or wish you could play?
  5. Girls: What would your dream boyfriend be?
  6. Guys: What would your dream girl be?
  7. Your friend had turned against you and says that you aren't cool anymore. What do you reply?
  8. If you are in isolation (coronavirus) did this help?(in star format)
  9. Finally..... What dog do you have now?
  10. BYeeeeeee!

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Quiz topic: Everyone is two dog breeds. Find Out mys Here.