When will you find true love?

Do you want to know when true love will come? Well take this test and you will find out! You will meet your true love and you guys will be inseparable!

Afraid how he will react to you!? Just be yourself! If you are, he will be himself too! No need to flirt with him it will be love at first sight with you two!

Created by: Dusk

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  1. You see a person running from a bully what will you do?
  2. You see a boy you think you like, but he is just a mean jerk to others. So you..
  3. You see yourself as a ugly girl, when you really are the cutest. What would you do to make yourself see that?
  4. You see a beaten up animal on the streets. You wonder what you can do?
  5. You see a kid crying for help across the street. What will you do?
  6. 50/100 chance you will ever see a car crash, but what would you do if you did?
  7. How would you help a starving child?
  8. You girly?(or boyish)
  9. Do you like animals?
  10. Will you help a old neighbor?

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Quiz topic: When will I find true love?