When Will You Die?

We all have to die at sometime in our lives whether we like it or not. To be specific, females TEND to live longer than males. Females most likely live up in their 80s while males live up to their 70s though.

When will you die? What age range will you die? All you have to do is take this quiz and you ca figure out the age of when you will die. Many people like to know when or at least how they will die. Now is your chance to figure out when you will die!

Created by: King_J

  1. Do you drink?
  2. Do you smoke?
  3. Have you had any parents, grandparents, or other family members that have died before age 70?
  4. Have you had any family members that have lived above age 70?
  5. Which of the following describes your weight below?
  6. What type of foods do you mostly like?
  7. How much do you exercise?
  8. What is your hygenic status?
  9. Do you have an illness (whether chronic or terminal)?
  10. Do you have a specific family history of dying young such as dying before the age 60?
  11. Are you depressed, have thoughts about suicide, attempted it, have or done things related to that?
  12. Do you drive aggressively?
  13. How much sleep do you get regularly?
  14. Do you live in a safe enviornment, in the middle, or dangerous one?
  15. Do you have regular exams or checkups from doctors?

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Quiz topic: When will I Die?