When will he ask me out?

Many girls are lost and in love looking for a guy who they want to love and treasure for many years, But when do I know when he will or even if he likes me? That's why I am here to give you answers..

Roses are Red Violets are blue I need to know if it's gonna be soon, Take this quiz and in minutes you will find out how long it will take for your yet to be Bae to well be your bae!

Created by: love1234

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  1. Hey!
  2. Ok, Ok, I'll start the quiz ...
  3. Does he like you?
  4. When yous talk it goes like
  5. OH WAIT!! 😱😱 Does he know you and your name?
  6. Are u already dating him?
  7. Age difference
  8. Sizes?
  9. Do you even love him?
  10. Bye

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