When are you going to die

This is NOT one of those stupid quizes, this is serious. do NOT scale this because i am not professional, but i can make a guess, so do not live off of this

please do not cheat and be honest with yourself because you just want to be happy with your results, and DO NOT say that i tried to harm you or make you choose the wrong decision and please try out my quiz titled "How popular are you" and give both of these a good rating, even if you do not like your results, thanks 🖤

Created by: cassie
  1. how old are you
  2. what gender are you
  3. how often do you exercise (not including PE)
  4. how long do you exersize when you DO exersize
  5. do you drink
  6. do you smoke
  7. do you do drugs
  8. are you paralized
  9. do you have a heart disease or diabetes or something like that
  10. what do you eat
  11. how do you eat
  12. do you want to die
  13. how often do you go to the doctor
  14. how do you drive
  15. how fast do you drive
  16. how safe are you in general

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Quiz topic: When am I going to die