when a leaf blows off my hand...

Things I do not like: lasagna. the devil. water. girly-girls. pink. make up. gasoline. my little pony. bananas. emos. goths. scenes(as in people). bad breath. boogers.

Things I like: Burgers. Pizza. Grapes. Kiwi. Some foods. Chickens. Video games. Video games. Video games. GoToQuiz. Would you rather. Truth or Dare. My sibling. My friends.God. Did I mention VIDEO GAMES!!

Created by: The best tomboy of Tordol
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  1. ahoy!
  2. this is sorta my opinions..
  3. 9 is rough. 9 is me though. I wanna stay 8. 8 is awesome!
  4. kindergarten is fun. 3rd grade is better. 2nd grade is best! but im gonna be in 4th :[.
  5. winter is cool, but so is spring! idk wich i like more!
  6. i dont like any girly bands and if i see them i humiliate them. examples list: justin beiber one direction jonahs brothers r5
  7. this is something i thought was heroic: i made a voo-doo doll devil, and stuck a needle in it. then i wondered: did that hert him? i hope!
  8. favorite from least to most: (cheese) american, pepperjack, swiss, mozzerella, and chedder. thats the only cheese i know XD
  9. fav. greetings (least to greatest) hi, hello, sup, ahoy, greetings,good fart hello, and wa sup yo.
  10. later

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