Whats your warrior cats oc name, looks and back story

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There are swear words in here. But this quiz will say your warrior cat oc name looks and other stuff. Warning! The test scores can make you unconfurtuble or something like that

This quiz is not family friendly. Take it at your own risk. But this quiz is about what your warrior cat oc looks like, lives and stuff like that. And yeah thats it

Created by: Furry nasion

  1. You see a elder, your kits and your mate drowning. And you can save one of them, who will you save?
  2. Rp time! A larger cat has pinned you down to the ground, what do you do?
  3. Theres a lost kit of your enemy clan, what do you do?
  4. Your clan hates you. What do you do?
  5. You had a argument with someone. What do you do?
  6. A war started between your clan and another clan. What do you do?
  7. You got exiled from your clan. What do you do?
  8. Your friend just died, what do you do?
  9. A psyko just killed your friends and family, what do you do?
  10. Starclan is warning you about something in your dreams, what do you do?

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Quiz topic: Whats my warrior cats oc name, looks and back story