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  • Apparently I only have 3 friends even though I said I had lots.

    How does that make any sense. Just because the uniform I wear is black doesn't mean I don't have any friends. WTF is being hinted at here?

  • wtf! that has nothing to do with symbols. rename it to how nice are you. and why are all the answers the first answer? seriously didnt like it. no offence.

  • Just because I have red eyes, wear black and only have one friend doesnt meen Im rude.Im just calm about most things.

  • really gay nuttin 2 do with symbols and u said im not nice i have lots of frieands everybody i know says im the nicest person they have met ...:( but id care wat u have 2 say

  • WTF?!?!?! This is SO lame! Who the hell made this?? It sucks! And the results are so weird that it's not logical AT ALL!

  • u didnt even tell me my symbol dodo.
    that quiz suckeed eggs.
    i am 45 percent nice..
    really? i mean come onnn...

  • 60% nice?! Thats funny! what the hell is wrong wit u? plus this has nothin to do wit signs so screw it!!

    laughy taffy

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