Whats Your Romantic Orientation?

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ok i found literally soooo many quizs about Whats Your Sexual Orientation, and just found like 3 Whats Your Romantic Orientation. kinda makes me upset cuz im Aromantic and i feel like people dont really care about Romantic Orientations.

so, ill made Whats Your Romantic Orientation, later ill make one of Whats Your Sexual Orientation, so we can be equal! ready?steady? ok go. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWR

Created by: LiaTheBear

  1. Whats your age?(no effect)
  2. Do you have or had a crush on someone
  3. Do you feel atraction to both genders?
  4. Do you feel atraction to people of diferent genders?
  5. Now, pick true or false on the next questions, k?
  6. Do you think that you are from the LGBT+?
  7. Are you in love whit someone?
  8. Are you in love whit someone of your same gender?
  9. Are you in love whit boys and girls?
  10. Who do you think you are?(no effect x2)
  11. Ok i edited this quiz cuz i had a mistake and accedenttly removed a question looool. ok here: whats your gender?

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Quiz topic: Whats my Romantic Orientation?